Are you disappointed and frustrated with your results after many months of daily exercise?

Exercise is good for you… however we should do exercise for the way it makes us feel and the benefits on our health… NOT to punish our bodies for the extra calories we eat.

The key to achieve our health and fitness goals, drop body fat, improve energy levels and gain muscle is 80% related to what we eat… only 20% exercise. We simply can not out-exercise a bad diet! The key in achieving our goals is to forget about diets, forget about kilos… the key is to create a sustainable and enjoyable healthy lifestyle by eating better, not less. Many diets leads to loss of muscle, not body fat… resulting in ‘jojo’ gains, damaged metabolism, loss of tone and shape and health issues afterwards. We want to avoid that!

The coaches of Melbourne Healthy Lifestyle are dedicated in guiding you on how to create a sustainable healthy lifestyle. You can claim a free wellness evaluation to find out about your body composition (amount of muscle, body fat, water, metabolic age, visceral fat…) and get meal planning tips on how to achieve your goals. Melbourne Healthy Lifestyle is partnering up with Herbalife Nutrition which is a global pioneer in sustainable nutrition programs.

If you like to learn more on the nitty gritty of meal planning you are more than welcome to join us for any of the upcoming workshops in Melbourne CBD.  We are going to show how eating healthy can be fun and delicious… you will learn on how to eat better, not less… how to have the right timing and frequency of meals and snacks, the right balance of carbohydrates, fats and protein…. to achieve your health and fitness goals, shape up, lose body fat, improve your sport performance and feel great. Forget about diets and calorie counting 🙂