Have you tried numerous diets and been burning yourself out in the gym in the past without much results?

We have more gyms and more diet programs than ever before in Melbourne… however the number of people struggling to achieve their health and fitness goals is continuously increasing too. Forget about diets and burning yourself out in the gym. During this 45 minute wellness evaluation you will learn how you can achieve your health and fitness goals by creating a sustainable and enjoyable healthy active lifestyle. The evaluation includes a body composition scan followed by a meal planning session. Whether you would like to shred some body fat, gain some muscle, improve sport performance or energy levels…. the information given in this wellness evaluation is vital to give you the correct strategies for success.

The information your coach will reveal about you includes:
* Basal Metabolic Rate ( BMR)
* Body fat and water percentage
* Bone mass
* Muscle mass
* Visceral ( internal) fat rating
* Metabolic age
* Daily protein and calorie requirements

Location: Melbourne Healthy Lifestyle lounge, level 10, 1 Elizabeth Street, Melbourne CBD

Timings: APPOINTMENTS ONLY… to schedule a time click here or contact coach Steffi on 0475417738.

Fee: $10