Hello Melbourne Food-lovers 🙂

We are organizing this workshop for you! We are going to show how eating healthy can be fun and delicious… you will learn how to eat better, not less, to achieve your health and fitness goals. Forget about diets and calorie counting… we will teach you how you can shape up, lose body fat, improve your sport performance and feel great by creating an enjoyable and sustainable healthy lifestyle 🙂

What you will learn during our 2 hour workshops:

-Our 20% Exercise – 80% Nutrition – 100% Mindset philosophy
-The right timing and frequency of meals
-How to choose the right carbohydrates, fats and proteins
-How to drop body fat without losing your muscle
-How to improve sport performance
-How to make delicious guilt-free snacks
-How to make your journey sustainable and fun
-How to overcome emotional eating
-What to do to keep a strong mindset

Anybody is welcome!

The workshops are running monthly at Melbourne Healthy Lifestyle Lounge, Level 10, 1 Elizabeth Street CBD. We also organize for companies and organizations  on requests.

Entrance is $5 only to cover drinks and healthy snacks served.

Our next workshop is on Saturday January 27th and Saturday February 3th at 2pm. Register here to lock in your spot.

For any questions regarding our workshops feel free to contact coach Steffi on 0475417738.







Looking forward to see you soon for a nutritious and delicious time 🙂